Quality from soil to table

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Quality from soil to table

One requirement that VerDi’s growers must meet is that they are EurepGap-certified. After the fruit and vegetables have been harvested, quality is guaranteed during each phase of production and delivery. Even the mode of transport for each product is chosen meticulously. In fact, everything is carefully taken into account, such as the temperature, the level of humidity and the discharge of ethylene. VerDi’s direct import method means that the links in the chain from the soil in faraway countries to the dining table in your home are kept to the absolute minimum. This quality guarantee is possible thanks to the quality control that is performed at different moments in the production chain. To promote this, VerDi cooperates closely with globally operating survey bureaus. Of course, in Barendrecht VerDi also has its own quality controllers, who work in line with the most up-to-date norms of the HACCP and BRC quality control systems.
Also, VerDi participates in Foodcompass and is AEO certified.

Target of Verdi Import are the best possible guarantee of safety, health and welfare of its employees, temporary employees, contractors and third parties and the environment. The policy is focused on avoiding personal injury, equipment and environmental damage as much as possible, and to comply at least on all legal requirements.
Prevention of pollution of soil, water and air will be pursued, while minimizing waste. The environmental impact will be governed by appropriate measures.
To achieve this goal in all its activities we expected the same attitude of all our employees.

Verdi Import takes social responsibility very seriously.
Ethics is an important part of this. Within Verdi Import we respect the guidelines drawn up in the ETI Base Code.

We expect that your company also respects the code. The guidelines of this code are available on www.sedexglobal.com