Verdi the number one global explorer


Verdi imports its products from far afield through direct lines of transport and communication. Its growers in the countries of origin are chosen with care. Regular contact with growers means that they can feel really involved, and that in turn is improving their performance.

VerDi values its customers, and does everything it can to make sure that the growers meet their requirements. For example, in recent years VerDi has been able to satisfy all of its customers’ wishes with regard to different varieties, sizes and packaging. In addition, VerDi regularly pays visits to a wide variety of purchasers at home and abroad. This gives VerDi an excellent understanding of the sales opportunities and also allows the company to provide its purchasers with exactly what they need. Throughout the year, VerDi can deliver a wide assortment of potatoes, vegetables and fruit from countries as wide-ranging as Spain, South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil, Uruguay, Zimbabwe and Namibia. The assortment and the programme of requirements can be tailored to each customer. Needless to say, one of the options includes supplying the products in retail packaging. Knowledge makes for better flavour

Melon specialist

Although VerDi supplies quite a wide range of fruit and Spanish vegetables, it has acquired a particularly excellent reputation as a melon specialist. The melon goes back a long way, and it was greatly cherished, for example, by the Romans and the Greeks. Down through the ages, this amazing fruit has always been valued as a healthy and delicious delicacy. We now know that melons are ideal for cross-breeding, and this has resulted in a huge number of varieties. The best known are honey melons, galia melons, cantaloupes, netted melons and, of course, the very familiar water melons. All year round, VerDi offers an extensive assortment of quality melons from different countries all over the world.